Systems Accountant

A multi national technology company based in Irene, Centurion is looking for a Systems Accountant to perform the functional management of all the financial systems, including the SAP accounting system and any other financial systems, and in particular the alignment and interfaces with all of the operational systems including the bespoke booking system (TGRS)



To ensure the integrity of all the numbers in the accounts system, through confirming the completeness and accuracy of all numbers which come into the accounts system from operational systems

To manage the change to debtors accounting and reporting, including the data transfer of historic transactions, to enable full debtor reporting and management to be channelled through SAP with balances reconciled to TGRS.

Enhancing the transfer of data from TGRS to SAP and ensuring financial and accounting implications of any changes to TGRS have been considered and addressed.

To effectively manage all the financial recording aspects of the direct cash process, where collects payments from B2C customers at booking, including identifying any exceptions identified in the file reconciliation.

To assist with the development of the functionality of the working capital systems e.g. on e-mailing partner remittances and customer statements, producing accurate aged debt and aged creditor reports and providing additional reporting as necessary

To assist with the implementation and integration of new financial systems e.g. Purchase Order system

To ensure that all reports from the accounts system are complete and accurate, and picking up the correct numbers including improving and updating the Vision monthly reporting suite as appropriate

To assist with the set up and appropriate usage of cost centres within SAP and updating existing reports to show this further analysis

To cold review the use of analysis subset codes in SAP and ensure they are being utilised in the best way for the business

To identify opportunities for improvements or automation of finance processes through further enhancing the use of IT systems available

To ensure that all of the linkages between different sub and main ledgers within SAP are operating correctly

To provide all information requested from SAP by internal or external auditors, and address any financial systems recommendations from the external auditors, including actions required to improve financial controls or ease of auditing.

To design and lead the training of all finance staff on how to use SAP most effectively, and also to design and lead the training of non-finance users on the elements that they need to use e.g. how to enter and approve a purchase order etc.

To be the “go to” person for all members of the finance and IT teams and the business users on any functional questions about the financial systems

To ensure that all issues with the financial systems are reported promptly to IT for logging and to follow up on unactioned tickets

To work closely with the Financial Controller in planning the resource for and executing testing required on changes to the SAP and TGRS

To manage and identify any available SAP upgrades

To implement changes which need to be made to the security and access to SAP, to ensure effective financial controls through proper segregation of duties, including the workflows for approving purchase orders

To support the Financial Controller on all ad hoc work and projects relating to the financial systems.