Finance and Operations Manager (Retail Industry)

The company is an established medium sized firm based in Cape Town in the retail industry. They sell products both locally and internationally. They are a global company with offices in South Africa, Mauritius and the US and are looking for a young and hungry CA (SA) or ACCA who will step into a FD/CFO role within a couple of years.



  1. Consolidate Financial Information: Regularly consolidate the financial data of the Group, ensuring accuracy and completeness.
  2. Financial Analysis: Interpret financial submissions, analyze Income Statements, Balance Sheets, and Cashflow reports to gain insights into the company’s financial performance.
  3. Review Submissions: Review financial submissions for accuracy and completeness, identifying any discrepancies or issues.
  4. Monthly Management Accounts: Prepare monthly management accounts with commentary for review by the Board of Directors.
  5. Budget Variances: Collaborate with the FP&A (Financial Planning & Analysis) team to understand and explain variances to the budget.
  6. Opportunity and Issue Highlighting: Identify opportunities and issues in the financial data and collaborate with the CEO to implement processes to mitigate risks and capitalize on opportunities.
  7. Reporting Enhancement: Evaluate the current reporting process and recommend/implement steps to enhance it. This may involve introducing more efficient reporting tools or methodologies.
  8. Lease and Contract Review: Review new Group leases and contracts to ensure they align with the company’s financial goals and standards.
  9. Sales Planning: Likely involves contributing to sales planning strategies, which may include sales forecasting and analysis.
  10. Supplier Negotiation: Participate in negotiations with suppliers to secure favourable terms and pricing.
  11. Risk Management: Contribute to the company’s risk management efforts, which may involve identifying financial risks and implementing strategies to mitigate them.
  12. Forex (Foreign Exchange): Manage and analyse foreign exchange transactions, as the company operates internationally.


  • CA (SA) or ACCA

Experience Requirement:

  • 3 to 5 years’ relevant experience
  • Experience in a similar role in the retail industry

Core Behavioural Competencies:

  • Organised
  • Ability to lead a small team
  • Able to works well in a team but also independently
  • Ability to work with minimum supervision
  • Good communication and listening skills
  • Self-motivated and enthusiastic
  • Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines
  • Attention to detail
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