Finance Manager

A Successful digital communication company is looking for a Financial Manager to join their team.

The FM is required to lead the Debtor, Creditor, Financial Operations Assistant and Driver and ensure that they are performing at a high standard and that their output is timeous and accurate. The responsibility of the FM further includes providing timely and accurate financial reporting, playing an advisory role and assisting the MD in taking the business to the next level.


Job Requirements:

* Forecast business cashflow based on seasonal nature of the business
* Monitor the day-to-day financial operations within the company
* Ensure that all of the accounting work is executed quickly and correctly
* The FM is required to develop financial management mechanisms that minimise financial risk for the business
* Update company details on CIPRO
* Balance payroll for the financial payroll period, and roll it over to their new financial period.
* Send the management accounts through to the MD before the 4th working day of the month.
* Plus another number of accounting and financial management

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