Head of Finance – Northern Suburbs CT

As the Head of Operational Finance, reporting to Chief Executive Officer, you will be responsible for leading and managing the Operational Finance team for a group of companies. The role encompasses proving direction through financial planning and operationalizing the overall objectives for the company.

Key responsibilities 

  1. Financial Management and Planning
  • Ensuring the management team is provided with accurate and relevant financial information and financial advice on a timely basis
  • Responsible for the Group’s overall finance performance.
  • In collaboration with the Management Team, ensure business unit financial objectives and controls are met.
  • Preparing high quality financial reports for submission and approval.
  • Providing clear and concise feedback on the financial performance of the Group.
  • Ensuring that the Group is appropriately financially structured to ensure financial legal compliance and in a manner which will result in the Group earning the highest possible after-tax return, which is aligned to the financial goals and budget
  • Ensure all expenditure is within the pre-approved limits, accurately and timeously reported on, and incurred through applying best practice procurement principles
  • Ensure a balance between directing funds into strategic and longer-term investments and shorter-term decisions to generate cash flow
  • Work to ensure consistent profitability at Group and business unit level.
  • Responsible for the financial goals of the Group through preparation of budgets and reports.
  • Ensure the financial goals and budgets are effectively shared, communicated and implemented to drive the achievement of the Groups financial targets and budgets
  • Responsible for the implementation of management decisions and authorisations as mandated by the CEO.
  • Remain up to date on new financial regulations and legislation, to guide and advise the Management Team.
  • Management of the Group’s financial planning and cash flow.
  • Responsible for the oversight of monthly financial reporting for all business units within the Group
  • Review Annual Financial Statements (AFS) and ensure all AFS for the Group are timeously approved by the CEO and signed off.
  • Management and oversight of the preparation and execution of the annual audits
  • Ensure that the annual external audit does not result in the relevant auditors identifying material breakdowns in financial controls or errors in financial record- keeping.
  • Responsible for regular reports and feedback to management on the performance of the group in line with agreed timelines.
  • Monitors financial performance by measuring and analysing results, initiating corrective actions, and minimizing the impact of variances
  1. Equity and Investments
  • Strategy and high-level responsibility for group investment strategy, budgeting, and reporting
  • Source and secure financing capital for the execution of investment portfolios
  • Manage the process of acquiring key investments identified and structure acquisition of investments agreements.
  • Work with key business partners to structure and negotiate investment transactions, subject to approval and availability of funding.
  • Evaluate new projects financial feasibility and alignment to business objectives, ROI and obtain CEO approval before inception.
  • Responsible for overseeing investment related expenses to ensure profitability and remaining within budget
  • Lead underwriting and due diligence activities linked to investment portfolio
  1. Controls and Reporting
  • Develop, monitoring and assess improvement processes, controls and new technologies and ensure that appropriate controls are implemented in the Group to minimize potential fraud and financial loss.
  • Work in collation with management and business units regarding the implementation of the financial improvements and controls.
  • In collaboration with the CEO, ensure that systems and processes are in place to facilitate compliance with relevant legal financial requirements.
  • Develop and implement systems for tracking and reporting on Group financial performance.
  • Oversee financial administration and reporting according to best practice, within given mandate and governance and according to best accounting principles
  • Oversight of insurance policies for the group and negotiations with service providers
  1. Strategic Capability and Leadership
  • Collaborate with the Management Team to design, plan, develop and implement business strategies to achieve the Group’s’ overall objectives.
  • Develop business plans and action plans to implement business strategies, plans and procedures.
  • Ensure alignment with short-term and long-term financial objectives developed in consultation with the CEO.
  • Guide and consult the management team to ensure business units and group financial objectives are achieved
  • Effectively manage the business financial change and transformation process in collaboration with the management team.
  • Support business unit managers where required in analyzing, reviewing and feasibility of annual business plans.
  • Planning, organizing, controlling and monitoring of financial resources with a view to achieve organizational goals and objectives
  • Structure, implementation and maintenance of Financial Management Policy
  • Manage and engage with all business units to ensure synergies, efficiencies and optimization across business units.
  • Developing an appropriate organisational structure to achieve the Group’s goals.
  • Accountable for achievement of operational goals of all functions within the Group.
  • Develop and implement systems for tracking and reporting Group performance.
  1. Operations Management 
  • Responsible for the oversight of the operations management of the Group, alongside the Group General Manager, by providing oversight of the management team and operations of all business units withing the Group.
  • Work closely with the management team to create, implement and roll out plans for operational processes, internal infrastructures, reporting systems and company policies all designed to ensure legislative and financial compliance and foster growth, profitability and efficiencies within the Group’s business units.
  • Ensure the alignment of all group subsidiaries to the broader Group objectives.
  • Facilitate a reporting platform for measurement of the Group’s activities against strategy / objectives.
  • Establish policies and procedures that promote company culture and vision.
  1. External Stakeholder Relations 
  • Manage and maintain relationships at executive level with all external stakeholders such banks, suppliers, business partners, clients etc.
  • Work with the management team for guidance and oversight of the management of client and supplier relations at business unit level
  • Represent the group with stakeholders at all mandated events and engagements.
  1. People Management
  • Lead, motivate and manage the finance department and all direct reports.
  • Oversee reporting employee productivity, building a highly inclusive culture ensuring team members thrive and organizational outcomes are met.
  • Foster a growth oriented, positive, and encouraging environment while keeping reporting employees accountable to company policies, procedures and guidelines.
  • Encourage and mentor reporting employees where required to facilitate skills development, skills transfer, and empowerment.
  • Lead and guide management to ensure effective people management across Group business units.


  • 5 to 8 years previous experience in a similar role
  • Experience working with a group of companies.
  • Accounting Degree
  • Strong leadership ability
  • Able to Lead a finance team with broad responsibilities in a changing environment
  • Able to work part of a Management Team and be involved in the day to day running of the business.
  • Able to trouble sheet and provide advice on complex accounting and tax issues
  • Able to deliver financial reports and strategies.
  • Strategic thinking, planning and analysis skills, with the ability to develop creative solutions to support the management.
  • Strong relationship management skills, including influencing, facilitation and presentation skills
  • Ability to build, lead, coach and retain staff performance.
  • Highly organised and able to plan and manage a broad portfolio of activities
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